Hotel Aleksandar’s goal is to provide to all of our guests the best service possible. With this in mind we employ people who cherish the same values as we do because we believe in cooperation, trust and mutual respect.

Main season employment begins at the start of the summer tourist season (April / May) and these are the positions for which we are always seeking candidates:

  • receptionist,
  • bartender,
  • waiter-tress,
  • assistant cooks,
  • support staff (food and drink),
  • maids,
  • help staff (hygiene, maintenance)

If you want to enter our database and be invited when the need for your skills arises, you can send us an e-mail to:  (CV - with picture).

Please provide a valid phone number in your CV.

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 Hotel Alexander
Bečići beach 31, Rafailovići, Budva, MN.
Phone: +382-33-560-290

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