The Bečići beach, with the length of almost 2km, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro and the Mediterranean. In 1935 in Paris it was given a Gran Prix for the most beautiful beach in Europe. Situated between high mountains on one side and blue sea on the other, it represents an ideal place for both relaxation and partying that can take up to the early morning hours.
The island of St. Nikolas, or as the locals call it “Školj”, is located at just 500m from Beĉići. The island is covered with lush, mostly evergreen vegetation. Represents a real bird's empire, and is rich in small game. A special attraction is the mouflon that inhabits the most wooded part of the island. The church of St. Nicholas, after which the island got its name, is first mentioned in the 16th century. It is surrounded by a large number of old graves for which the legend says that belong to the participants of the Crusades that befell the epidemic while camped in the town of Budva. You can find several paradisiacal beaches on the island that can be reached only by boat.
Along the Becici beach, on a hill among the pines and cypresses, there is the Church of St. Thomas. According to some data it originates from the 14th century and was dedicated to St. Thomas. The church was run down and a new one was built in its place in 1910, dedicated to Stefan Štiljanović the last prince of Paštrovići, Serbian despot and saint, who was born in the immediate vicinity of the church and every year believers gather October 17th on the day of St. Stephen and on October 19th, the day of St. Thomas – Tomindan.


The Budva Riviera represents the center of Montenegrin coast and Montenegrin tourism. It has 12,5km of beaches out which the one in Bečići is the longest one. Main tourist centers are in Budva, Petrovac and St. Stefan. It offers a versatility of beaches – Mogren, Bečići, Jaz, Kamenovo, Buljarica... Tourists can enjoy in a crowdie city center with thousand of other tourists, after beach parties or in the intimacy of quiet bays where the Yugoslav Queen Maria (Maria of Romania) once bathed.
The town of Budva is about 2500 years and is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic Sea. The name “Old Town” Budva got in the middle ages. Most of the architecture is from the Venetian era. Doors, windows, balconies and many other small but noticeable things are made in old roman style which is characteristic for the Venetian Republic. Along the narrow streets, small squares and plazas there are plenty of cafés, boutiques, bars, restaurants and galleries... And during the summer months thanks to performances, concerts and exhibitions
the Old town really becomes the so-called Theatre City, as is the name of the festival that out of 1987 refines the old coastal town and gives it a special color and charm.
St Stefan is an island not far from Budva, now connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. This island is the most luxurious resort in Montenegro and one of the most luxurious resorts on the Adriatic Sea and entire Europe. Dolores Ibárruri - La Pasionaria, Yuri Gagarin, Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, Sophia Loren, Jeremy Irons, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sylvester Stallone, Claudia Schiffer, Ronaldinho are just among the many celebrities who have stayed at St. Stefan. And one of best tennis players of the world, Novak Djokovic chose this island for the location of his wedding.


Legend says when God shared the gifts of nature, his bag of goods broke above Montenegro and mountains, plains, rivers, sea and much more fell out in one place. Spectacular nature, relaxation, rest on one hand and on the other great fun and various adrenaline thrills are the ideal combination to suit every pocket and everyone's desires. Small, hidden beaches for those who want to escape from everyday life and stress, kilometers of sandy beaches for fun and partying all day and night, torrential rivers for rafting and kayaking, ski slopes and untouched expanses; carnivals, concerts, festivals, theatre on the streets... A state of long tradition, a confluence of different cultural and religious influences on the border between East and West, Montenegro is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic community, known for its tolerance and harmonious relations between its peoples. Most attractive locations: Lovcen and Cetinje, the monastery of Ostrog, national parks Biogradska gora (one of the last three rainforests in Europe), Skadar Lake and Prokletije, Tara, Kotor, St Stefan, Porto Montenegro ...

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