DETOX CENTER – FIRST  DETOXIFICATION, WEIGHT-LOSS AND NUTRITION CENTER IN MONTENEGRO. Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and balanced nutrition in the place where the environment and climate has a 100% positive effect on nourishing your body and spirit. Embark on a new stage of your life! START NOW!
  • Medical Weight Loss and Nutrition Centre Programme is organized as a group work and lasts for eight days (8 days/9 nights) 999€ per person.
  • Based on a detailed check-up and personal medical history, we provide a special, client-tailored nutrition programme accompanied with appropriate physical exercises.
  • All participants are provided with spa treatments, psychological support and education – how to easily implement healthier lifestyle at home, as a part of your daily routine.
T he programme is led by Nutritionist Nadja Mrvaljević, currently employed as a personal health advisor in WAGA. As an internationaly experienced and qualified expert, she implements the most effective methods in fighting obesity.
Reshape and refresh your body, speed up the natural process of detoxification, improve your fitness level, shed excess weight and most importantly, learn to embrace a healthier lifestyle at home!
Tel: +382 68 661 129
Hotel Aleksandar Rafailovići Bečićka plaža 31,
Rafailovići, Budva

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 Hotel Alexander
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