Restaurant &
Wine Bar

Restaurant and Wine Bar ALEKSANDAR can be found on the very beach in heart of Rafailovići, Bečići.It is one of the most luxurious and beautiful restaurants in Montenegro. It is categorized with 5 STARS, 220 chairs capacity.

Menu has been made following all HACCP food safety regulations and ISO 9001 system management of quality. Unique location, architectural masterpiece and ambiance with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine has all made Restaurant & Wine Bar ALEKSANDAR a new symbol of Rafailovici.

In the evening hours, enjoying the view from the top terrace or sitting right by the sea listening to waves, you will experience incredible moments. Dining inside our restaurant also gives the taste of being in a castle enjoying the ambient while listening to piano being played in front of you. A restaurant by the sea with magical views, good food and friends is a memory you will never forget.

With a special view upon the sea and the island of St. Nikola, our restaurant offers unique kind of magic – it lives with the sea and is known through the Mediterranean.

Our restaurant offers food from different continents, those of exotic smells and spices, while nurturing the Mediterranean and international cuisine in which the national specialties of Montenegro are combined with modern trends and new tastes of the world Cuisine.
The service and Menu of our restaurant meet the greatest standards and expectations.

Wineyard and Winery Aleksandar

In our Wine Bar you can try out our Wine and brandy.
Wineyard and Winery Aleksandar are placed in the Zeta Plain and it spreads over 12.000m2 of ground. In the wineyard we have over 7000 vine-woods of many different sorts such as Kratošija, Cabernet Sauvignon, Game, Probus, Burgdunan, Frankovka, Marselan and Chardonnay.
We always wanted to preserve the traditional way of making wine, inherited from our ancestors, improve it and achieve great results.
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    Crna Gora
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